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Jimi Hendrix Owes My Friend 65 Cents For a Pack Of Cigarettes

    Usually my blog titles involve misdirection or some sort of play on words. This time the title is to be taken quite literally. More on that in  a moment. This month PBS is featuring an American Masters special … Continue reading

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Clean Songs

Don’t worry, this isn’t  a diatribe about the lyrics in contemporary music. The title is in reference to 45 rpm records that were a free give-a-way in laundry detergent. I don’t remember what brand of soap it was but some … Continue reading

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The Beatles Cartoon

Believe it or not, my first exposure to The Beatles was from the cartoon series. They were the biggest musical act in the world and I would not have known they existed if it weren’t for television. The only time … Continue reading

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I want a hula hoop

I have always loved Christmas music. I know some people think it gets played too early, but when you were a kid anything that reminded you that Santa was coming soon was okay by you. One of my favorites was … Continue reading

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Sunshine Superman

I was watching the 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony the other night. It was nice to see Donovan get inducted and perform. His song “Sunshine Superman” always struck me as odd because of the lyric Superman or … Continue reading

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Wow, One Hundred Songs!

This is a Seeburg 3W1 wall-o-matic selector. I have one on my kitchen counter. It is connected to my 1952 Seeburg model C jukebox. It basically allows me to remotely select the 45 rpm record of my choice . Okay, … Continue reading

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It’s got a good beat, but does it stay crunchy in milk?

Ron Dante OnLine – The Official Website.  See what “Archie” has been up to. This is a photo of the first record I ever owned. Well, co-owned. It was cut off the back of a box of Post Sugar Crisp … Continue reading

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