Black Friday Or Black Eye?

I hope all that braved the Black Friday madness yesterday survived. Now, that you have gotten the big box store experience over with, how about shopping the old fashioned way?

Take a stroll down your local main street, if you still have one, and see what you may find. If you are within striking distance of Blast From The Past, we’d love to see you today on Small Business Saturday. Heck, we’d love to see you on any day. We’re so lonely.

Don’t forget, we create the world we live in and if you appreciate a vibrant diverse downtown shopping district in your community, get out there and keep it alive. Consider the purchases you make as a sort of quality of life expense. I believe we would all rather have an eclectic blend of mom and pop stores sprinkled throughout our cities and towns as opposed to boarded up store fronts or an endless supply of homogenized chain stores.

So, get out there and invest in the quality of your own lives. And remember, your main street is for more than jogging, dog walking, baby carriage pushing and whatever else it is you do as you stream past the shops without ever giving them a second look.

No one owes the small business owner a living, but you do owe yourself a better life. Consider it a partnership from which we can all benefit. End of self serving post.


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