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Close Shave

  Just got this Mr. Bubble Shaving kit into the store the other day and it really made me smile. Was there ever a kid that didn’t watch their dad shaving and want to give it a try? I remember … Continue reading

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The Grass Is Always Greener…

I was mowing my lawn this morning and remembering how much I hated yard work as a teen. I don’t mind it so much, now. I guess it’s a little different when it is your own yard. Being outside in … Continue reading

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Heavy Metal

Okay, so this blog isn’t really about heavy metal, but pressed tin lithography probably wouldn’t have grabbed your attention. The tin toys pictured above are brand new and something we have carried at Blast From The Past over the years. … Continue reading

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Dandy The Lion Irwin Remco Ideal Marx | eBay

Dandy The Lion Irwin Remco Ideal Marx | eBay. Now on ebay. My absolute favorite toy as a child. Dandy The Lion was this awesome battery operated lion that would walk and if you struck his chin with the whip … Continue reading

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Sunshine Superman

I was watching the 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony the other night. It was nice to see Donovan get inducted and perform. His song “Sunshine Superman” always struck me as odd because of the lyric┬áSuperman or … Continue reading

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Milk Isn’t Supposed To Rattle

I just finished putting out some new metal lunch boxes at Blast From The Past. They are one of our best selling categories. We sell them to collectors and to kids that still use them to bring their lunch to … Continue reading

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