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Not Quite A Chip Off The Old Block

Occasionally, my wife will tell me I am just like my father and I will always respond with “thank you” even if she didn’t mean it as a compliment. Don’t get me wrong, she loves my dad, but the men … Continue reading

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The End of an Era

Well, it’s official, I’m a grown up. I managed to avoid it for 52 years, but somehow it happened. I’m just not sure when. Of course there were subtle signs over the years, getting married, running a small business and … Continue reading

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The Smell of Death is in the Air

I know that is a fairly gruesome heading for a blog, but it is not as grim as you might imagine.  I am merely referring to the that particular smell that accompanies the turning of the leaves in fall. Went … Continue reading

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Clean Songs

Don’t worry, this isn’t  a diatribe about the lyrics in contemporary music. The title is in reference to 45 rpm records that were a free give-a-way in laundry detergent. I don’t remember what brand of soap it was but some … Continue reading

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▶ Leslie Caron And Mel Ferrer – Hi Lili, Hi Lo – YouTube

The clip below is from the 1953 movie “Lili” starring Leslie Caron. It is a film I remember not so much for its content as for its context in my life. I tend to associate many of the key moments … Continue reading

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Father’s Day

I don’t have a particular anecdote for this occasion, just one small remembrance. There is a picture my grandfather took which shows my dad holding myself and my older brother in his arms. We must have been no more than … Continue reading

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We’ve got trouble right here in River City!

  The above picture is of a new version of a game from the 70’s called Skittle Pool which was the companion to the Skittle Bowl game. Basically they were miniature versions of two of America’s favorite pastimes, bowling and pool. … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day

Since this blog is devoted primarily to my childhood, it only makes sense that I should recognize Mother’s Day. After all, you can’t have a childhood without a mom. Now, I have mentioned my mother in this blog before, so … Continue reading

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Not Exactly Sophie’s Choice

I really liked “The Munsters” TV show when I was 4 and 5 years old. At the time, I couldn’t imagine anything more entertaining on television, but one day the unthinkable happened!  ABC began running promos for a new program … Continue reading

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A Lost Family Heirloom

The Flintstones (Welch’s) Grape Jelly Commercial – YouTube. For several years in the 1960’s Welch’s grape Jelly was packaged in jars with art work from The Flintstones cartoon show. In our household we used them as drinking glasses once the … Continue reading

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