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A Weed By Any Other Name

I was pulling Dandy Lions out of my lawn the other day. To be quite honest, I was somewhat ambivalent about the process. I know they are classified as a weed, but they aren’t that bad looking. I know my … Continue reading

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Trapped in the Endzone

Several years ago at Blast From The Past we were selling a current version of the old electric football game. For those of you unfamiliar with the toy, and I’m sure there are many, let me describe it for you. … Continue reading

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Wow, One Hundred Songs!

This is a Seeburg 3W1 wall-o-matic selector. I have one on my kitchen counter. It is connected to my 1952 Seeburg model C jukebox. It basically allows me to remotely select the 45 rpm record of my choice . Okay, … Continue reading

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No Coke, Pepsi!

No, this isn’t a debate about which cola is better. The title refers to a famous line from a “Saturday Night Live” sketch in which diner proprietor John Belushi only served Cheeseburgers, chips and no Coke, Pepsi. Of course there … Continue reading

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Last Lap

I’m not sure how, why or when our fascination with certain things ends. When I was seven, all I wanted for Christmas that year was the new Hot Wheels set. It was just a narrow track that you bolted to … Continue reading

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Fun on 45 Cents a Day

Until I reached my teens and started earning money, it was a big deal to have a few cents in my pocket and I do mean  a few cents. You could get a lot with a dollar.(I seriously was hoping … Continue reading

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Flesh Eating Toys!

Do you recognize this toy? It was called “Thingmaker” and Mattel produced it in the mid 1960’s. It was basically a heating tray in which you placed molds filled with “plastigoop” and in a few minutes you peeled off your … Continue reading

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Best Friend

I did not own the above game, but my best friend did. I don’t know how many of you had a best friend growing up, but for those that did, you know how important it was. Sure, we could discuss … Continue reading

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It’s got a good beat, but does it stay crunchy in milk?

Ron Dante OnLine – The Official Website.  See what “Archie” has been up to. This is a photo of the first record I ever owned. Well, co-owned. It was cut off the back of a box of Post Sugar Crisp … Continue reading

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