The Winter Blogs

I haven’t posted much lately. I think the depression of winter has really gotten to me this year. I guess that is a sign of getting older. I don’t think that I have ever known or met a kid that didn’t love winter time.

Snow was so versatile. You could build a man, a fort or a mini jump for your sled. If you avoided the yellow stuff, it was quite edible as I recall. You could lie down in it and make snow angels or write a message in it. Some might have been inclined to roll it up into a ball and pummel their siblings with the frosty arsenal.

If your parents were really clever, they would buy you and your brothers snow shovels for Christmas so you would think it was a toy and eagerly clear the drive way for dear old dad. (yup, my parents did that. And the trick worked.)

To the best of my knowledge, very few things equalled the joy of listening to the radio anxiously waiting for your school on the cancellation list due to snow and finally hearing it. Grab your coat and hat and get out there!

So tell me, why can’t we adults embrace the winter the same as children? Probably because some of us don’t have kids or kids naive enough to fall for the toy shovel ploy…

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