A Twisted Reality

Well, for the two individuals that read this blog, I’m back! Obviously blogging is not my forte, but I will try to update a bit more frequently.

I try to avoid two things on this blog, politics and shamelessly shilling for my store, Blast From The Past. Well the times being what they are, I can no longer avoid those two subjects. One, I need to increase my revenues and two, the whole world is talking about the election. So, with that being said, I have decided to create a new political party, the Republicrats.

Basically Republicrats entertain all points of view and avoid protracted debates on policy by deciding every issue with a rousing game of Twister. No one can stay mad while playing Twister. See, all the country’s problems will be solved and the only drawback will be that politicians may end up looking a bit childish. Oh, I guess it won’t be so different after all.

Well, let’s skip trying to solve any problems and just try to bring families and friends together with a game of Twister, available at Blast From The Past.

Wow, will you look at that, I combined politics and shamelessly shilling for my store into a single post. Ain’t I quite the politician?



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