Fashion Over Function


So realistic, it's uncanny!


Well, it’s October. Football season is well underway and Hockey just started. Of course, most eyes in the sporting world are watching the Major League Baseball playoffs. These all pale in comparison to the real star of the month which is Halloween.

Pictured at left is the type of costume from my youth which was the staple of every kid’s trick or treating wardrobe. It consisted of a flimsy plastic mask and some type of nylon fabric one piece ensemble.

I don’t think they cost more than $3 and we certainly got our money’s worth in my family. We would use the costume for years at a time and when one part became to beat up to use we would partner the remaining piece with something else to create a whole new outfit.

I was actually quite a costuming innovator at an early age. I recall having a costume similar to the one pictured here. In first grade I wore it to a Halloween party, but I decided to add my own personal touch. I somehow figured that my brown mittens would totally enhance the look making my monster unbelievably realistic. Not wishing to break character, I refused to remove the mittens even to eat potato chips and other snack food. Of course, this is all the more ridiculous when one realizes that I did have to remove the mask to ingest these treats. So much for suffering for my art.



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